Ramsey F. Kawar


Ramsey has been a litigator since 2001. His practice encompasses many types of business litigation, including professional liability, intellectual property, and insurance, employment, and liability matters. These range in complexity from dual-party cases to class-actions. He has tried cases to verdict in both jury and bench trials.


Ramsey is licensed before the US Patent and Trademark Office. He has advised clients regarding intellectual property rights including international trademark registration strategies and jurisdiction under the Hague Convention. He has represented parties in proceedings before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, preventing an infringing party from registering a mark already registered and in use. His experience also includes working with regulatory compliance and license agreement issues for broadband telecommunications services in the start-up environment. He has spent a considerable amount of time overseas and has a particular interest in international law, and is a member of the international law and intellectual property sections of the California State Bar.


Ramsey serves the community through pro bono advice and assistance to nonprofit organizations. He enjoys traveling and the outdoors with his family, as well as backpacking and motorcycling.


What others have said:

“Ramsey is not only a skilled lawyer, but also a really great person. He possesses all of the qualities I would want if I needed a good defense attorney. For starters, Ramsey is ethical, responsible, intelligent, firm and unflappable. Like the most successful attorneys, he is always able to quickly and efficiently adapt to the individual needs of the situation at hand.” — Joshua Bryan, business attorney

“Ramsey is an intelligent, solid attorney with good experience backing him up. I would recommend him to anyone with a need for a litigation attorney.” — Barrett Shaefer, real estate attorney


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